Abhi Indirectly Confesses His Feelings To Pragya

pragyaThe Kumkum Bhagya episode that aired on January 9, opened with Abhi coming to pick Pragya at her house for a ‘date’ with Purab. Pragya’s mother wondered why she was taking so much time to get ready. Abhi assured her family that he would take proper care of Pragya the entire day. Meanwhile, Abhi got mesmerised to see Pragya’s beauty. Later, they sat in the car and Abhi asked Pragya to let her hair open. He asked Pragya to tell him about what she like and dislikes about Purab. As Pragya continued to speak, Abhi asked her to stop as he was not liking it. He then confessed that he doesn’t like Pragya talking only about Purab. He also added that the time he spends with her are the best.

Later, Tanu called Abhi and asked him about his whereabouts. Abhi lied to her that he was stuck in traffic while Pragya was with him.

Abhi-Tanu and Purab-Pragya came to celebrate New Year at a restaurant. Abhi came to know Pragya’s real name and that agitated Tanu. She went up to Pragya and asked her why she has revealed her name. Pragya told she would do anything to win Abhi’s love and Tanu wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Meanwhile, all four of them played a game at the restaurant, where in they had to write about their feelings for their loved ones. Pragya and Abhi wrote the same feelings.

In a change of scene later, daadi and Daasi are happy about Pragya and Abhi’s meeting and spoke indirectly about it at the dinner table. Alia gets miffed and left the place.

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