Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop actor Donal Bisht: Proud to be associated with such a path-breaking show

roop-mard-ka-naya-swaroop-donal-bishtPost the generation leap, Colors daily Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop will welcome a new cast. While Shashank Vyas has been roped in to play the male lead, Donal Bisht will share screen space with Shashank. Excited to bag the role, Donal, in an exclusive chat with, shared, “I feel proud to be associated with such a path-breaking show. I had never planned my career and I feel blessed to be getting such good opportunities. I never knew my dreams would be fulfilled this way. My last show Ek Deewana Tha was a supernatural thriller and it also broke many stereotypes. I am so happy that in such a short span, I am getting to do powerful and different roles.”

Giving more insight into her character, the actor said, “I play Ishika who is a strong headed and bold girl. She is confident, independent and not at all the bechari types that we usually see on TV. She believes that she is no less than a man and can take all the responsibilities of her family like a son. Also, you will get to see a really beautiful love story with Roop.”

Donal further said that while society has definitely progressed, there’s still a section which looks at girls as the weaker sex. She said, “I think women ace at multitasking which men cannot. We are no less in any way and it’s time we are given that equality. I feel proud to be associated with a show that will spread the right message across. Cinema and television are not just windows of the society but also a medium that can help educate people. Villages which do not even have schools have television sets. So it’s a great thing that shows are today addressing pertinent social issues.”

Not many know that Donal started as a journalist before venturing into acting. Sharing more about her journey, the 23-year-old actor said, “As a child, I would see Madhuri Dixit on TV and try to imitate her. I would act and dance in front of the mirror all the time. I remember my mother freaked out seeing that I was inclined towards acting rather than focusing on studies (laughs). I soon joined journalism but I knew it wasn’t my cup of tea. I have worked with renowned news channels and was also hosting Chitrahaar on Doordarshan. People around me encouraged me that I should give acting a try. One of my seniors was working on the production of Airlines, and he called me for a cameo in the show. And that’s how I began my journey towards becoming an actor.”

Born and brought up in Uttarakhand, the actor shared that she is a very simple girl at heart. When asked how she is coping with Mumbai, Donal smiled to say, “I was in for a major culture shock. I think people here are very practical. My friends keep telling me that I will change with time. But I am sure that I will never forget my humble upbringing. I am trying my best to keep pace with the fast world. Work gives me the required happiness and peace. For now, I am really looking forward to this new journey.”

The new storyline of Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop will be based on the film Ki & Ka. Along with questioning patriarchal beliefs, Shashank Vyas and Shashank Vyas will also present the lifestyle of a new-age couple. The show’s new chapter will from tonight.

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