Avengers Infinity War directors answered some fan queries and the revelations were riveting

avengers-infinity-war-directors-russo-brothersThe Russo Brothers, directors of Avengers Infinity War, held a Q&A on Twitter, and answered fans’ questions about the big Marvel film. Avengers Infinity War which released in April, was a humongous hit for Disney and Marvel, but its ending left the entire fandom in shock.

Not even the most cynical ones had expected that half the cast would be wiped out. Thanos, the Big Bad of MCU snapped his fingers and killed off half the universe (though there is a theory saying that they might not be dead and merely transported to another realm).

Not just that, the film also left a multitude of questions unanswered. This is why the Russo Brothers, who had helmed Captain America The Winter Soldier and Captain America Civil War before for Marvel studios, were asked a variety of questions by eager fans on the social media site and they answered them quite patiently. Here are some of the most riveting revelations they made on Twitter.

While answering questions regarding whether Thanos’ finger-snap was a previously thought-out decision or occurred to them while writing the script, the Russo Brothers said, “While the snap was always a dream of ours, we needed to really develop the movie before we knew we could achieve it.” In the lore (comics), the story began with Thanos destroying half of the universe and the rest of the tale was about remaining heroes dealing with the damage.

Since they did not side with the government on Sokovia Accords, these three are basically renegades and have been in hiding. “Yes. Cap, Nat, and Falcon sided against the Accords and have been on the run,” the Russos said.

Turns out, pretty much anybody with Thor-like strength (you can count them on your pinky finger) can wield Stormbreaker. After Hela destroyed Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, in Thor Ragnarok, Thor forged a new weapon in Nidavellir (Norse realm of the dwarves) with the help of Eitri and called it Stormbreaker. But apparently, it does not require one to be ‘worthy’ to lift it. “Mjolnir requires worthiness, not Stormbreaker,” Russo brothers said.

In Ragnarok, Thor loses his weapon, his father and is exiled to a weird place ruled by a maniac. But nothing could have prepared him for what Thanos did to him, his people and his brother. While talking with Rocket, who as the Russos say is one of the least emotional beings in the MCU, Thor finally opens up and drops the jocular facade for a while and even sheds a tear. Even Rocket was affected by how much pain Thor was holding inside him. “To be able to find what’s left when you take everything away from Thor—it’s a great journey for us as storytellers,” the Russos said.

Infinity War saw the interaction between a lot of characters who had not met before. While some were space-explorers (like the Guardians), the others had not been on the earth for a long time. Yet others were in different smaller franchises and came together in Infinity War for the first time. For the Russos, the alpha-male personality clash between Doctor Strange and Tony Stark was the most exciting. “Dr. Strange and Tony Stark–narcissist vs. narcissist, magic vs. science,” they said.

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With a Red-Wedding like ending of Avengers Infinity War, keeping it secret from one of the hungriest (for plot details) fandoms must have been difficult. With Game of Thrones, HBO had to suffer during season 7 when scripts for upcoming episodes were leaked online. And Infinity War had an immense 10-year buildup. The Russos say, “It’s extremely difficult–there’s a reason why spies have to train for years and years.”

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