American TV show host Stephen Colbert jokes Emily Blunt might be a sociopath

stephen-colbert-jokes-emily-blunt-sociopathPopular TV host Stephen Colbert might be on to something when he called actor Emily Blunt a “sociopath” when she appeared on his talk show. The 53-year-old emcee asked the actor to elaborate what the “hamster rescues” were that she used to embark upon in childhood, E! News reported.

“Is that a British thing that we don’t know about or is that what it sounds like?” The Late Show Thursday questioned. A Quiet Place actor then explained how she used to have a “dramatic role-play” with her “poor” pet hamster, Tigger, which may have led to his early death.

“I quite enjoyed rather dramatic role-play game. My friends were like, ‘That sounds lame, but I’ll go along with it because I’m at your house, and I kinda have to do it.’ I had this lovely hamster called Tigger, who probably died before he should have died because of what I put him through. We would sort of hide Tigger under a sofa cushion, and then I’d sort of pretend the roof was coming in. And I’d be like, ‘Get Tigger! The roof is falling in!’ I’d dive and I’d rescue Tigger – and Tigger would just be, like… (in a daze),” Blunt said.

She, however, admitted, “It was awful!” Colbert, then asked, “Were there adults watching you do this at the time?” To which the actor replied, “My mum had four kids. I think she was like, ‘They sound like they’re OK.’” The host quipped, “Torturing animals is one of the signs of a sociopath. Generally, we get those kids medication now.”

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